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Indie Games Starter, established in 2022, is an innovative publishing house that focuses on promoting and publishing indie games. Today, we proudly announce the signing of nine publishing agreements with talented teams, and our IGS Incubator provides support to over fifteen student teams. Our main goal is not only to publish games but also to provide essential support and guidance to young, ambitious teams to effectively enter the computer gaming market. Projects that emerge under our wings often gain recognition in the market, bringing substantial profits to the creators.

What sets us apart from the competition is our unique approach to investment. Unlike other companies, we do not require capital at the beginning of the debut game production. Instead, our qualified mentors offer valuable support.

The acceleration process at IGS looks as follows:

Initial Steps: The team collaborating with us prepares game documentation and a production schedule.

Consultations: Any project proposals are discussed with a mentor who has years of experience working on various titles.

Production: Upon receiving the “green light,” work on the project begins. During this time, our accelerator provides:

Access to specialists complementing the team’s skills.

Quality control (QA).

Assistance in delivering missing elements, such as graphic assets or soundtracks.

Additional training to expand the team’s knowledge.

Business Development, Publishing, and Marketing: IGS handles the publishing and marketing process. The team does not have to establish its own business or company – the accelerator takes care of all the formalities and business matters related to production and sales.

In addition to the accelerator, IGS organizes numerous events such as Game Jams, creating inspiring relationships with young creators. Our largest Game Jam, Steelworks Game Jam, attracts numerous talents. In October 2023, over 110 creators participated in the offline event at the Nowa Huta Cultural Center in Krakow. This is just a part of what we offer – join Indie Games Starter and explore unknown realms of gaming creativity together!

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